Be more vigilant - Senior cop encourages members of the public

December 13, 2019

H ead of the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay said she is imploring motorists to be vigilant as crime continues to raise its ugly head.

She was speaking in relation to Wednesday night's murder of Justice of the Peace Kevin Brown along Chesterfied Drive in St Andrew.

"We are not sure exactly what happened but based on the report that we got from the superintendent in charge of the St Andrew South Division, it would appear that he may have been injured in the vehicle and he exited the vehicle and ran and collapsed thereafter," she said.

Brown, 44, was a member of the People's National Party's Patriots group, and the east Kingston constituency executive.

Peace march

He was reportedly one of the major organisers of a peace march in 2014 that helped to stem bloodshed in the area.

Before Brown's murder, a voice note warning the public to be on the lookout for criminals on Chesterfield Drive made rounds on social media and in WhatsApp groups.

"We have also heard another voice note about something similar happening in Mount Rosser and other areas but there are no reports at any police station about these incidents. It's hard to verify if these are factual," she said.

Lindsay said although there are no official reports, they have not discounted the messages, and have heightened their presence in various corridors across the island.

"Once we are aware of it, we are able to plan for it. So I am asking persons to report these incidents whenever they happen. If you are stopped in situations on lonely streets, it is recommended that you do not stop but try and drive away to a safe location," she said. "We will be sending out lots of information out reminding them to be on the lookout. We know that persons are out there planning how they are going to use different strategies to attack members of the public, so once again we are imploring the public to report these matters to the police so we can deal with them," she said.

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