Agape Worshippers declare ‘Jesus Good’

October 23, 2020

Members of the Agape Worshippers (from left): Trishana Wright, Abbigale Salmon, Daniella Chambers-Brooks and Jozzette Haynes.
Members of the Agape Worshippers (from left): Trishana Wright, Abbigale Salmon, Daniella Chambers-Brooks and Jozzette Haynes.

In 2018, after singing for about four years on the choir of the Love Fellowship Tabernacle Apostolic Church in Portmore, four members stepped out to form the all-female group, Agape Worshippers.

That same year, the group, which comprises Jozzette Haynes, Abbigale Salmon, Trishana Wright and Daneila Chambers-Brooks, entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Gospel Song Competition with the song Jesus Good. Though they never made it past the semi-final round, they feel the song's message is still relevant.

In sharing how Jesus Good came into being, the members of the group said they collaborated to write it one day while texting on WhatsApp.

"We initially wanted to construct the song for the purpose of entering the JCDC Gospel Song Competition. Even though none of us had any experience in songwriting, we were determined that we would create a song that would be audibly pleasing to an audience and most of all, give glory to God; and so we did," Haynes explained.

Sidelined Dreams

Chambers-Brooks added that their dreams about the song didn't end in 2018, it was just placed on the side burner for a while.

"We were determined to have this song released because we believe that our testimonies must go out, no matter what," she said.

That decision was further cemented after performing at several gospel concerts and having persons coming up to them, asking if they had the CD with the song.

"The responses have been so good that it has proven to be one of our motivations in getting it recorded. However, we didn't have the resources to do so," shared Haynes.

All that changed, however, when they were approached to do back-up singing for Connecticut-based recording gospel artiste Wayne 'Bro Wonder' Foster, which saw them working with Aderian Ricketts from XT Productions. They told Ricketts about the song and he tweaked Jesus Good and will be releasing it next month.

Expressing thanks to Foster, who they said made it possible for them to have the song recorded, they said they are looking forward to writing and releasing more songs.

The four say they make a rock-solid team in the furthering of 'Kingdom gospel', and that their songs come through prayer and under the anointing of the Lord. It is this force that they hope will penetrate the hearts of listeners to bring them closer to God.

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