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Extradition Buzz: Alleged scammer yields to US request - more cases in works

Almost two years after lawmakers in the United States (US) demanded that Jamaicans involved in the lottery scam - that has fleeced elderly American citizens of millions of dollars - be sent there to stand trial, there are indications the extradition requests have begun to come in.

Don't panic, judges told

Court of Appeal President Seymour Panton has declared that if comments attributed to National Security Minister Peter Bunting in relation to the assignment of bodyguards to judges on a needs basis only are correct, then the minister's statement is "silly".



Teachers concerned about delay in salary negotiations

JAMAICA TEACHERS' Association (JTA) president Doran Dixon has said members of the teachers' union are concerned over the delay by the Ministry of Finance in beginning new salary negotiations.



Shauna Chin nervous about next week's premiere - As 'Criminal Minds' airs February 4 on CBS

In less than a week, Jamaica's Shauna Chin will make her debut appearance in the hit television series, Criminal Minds. Scheduled to be aired on February 4, the episode titled 'Hero Worship' will be shown on CBS and will be the 14th episode in Season 10 of the show.



Threats to religious freedom

Last week Saturday, a minister of religion told me that he officiated at a wedding between two persons of different denominations because the bride's pastor would not countenance a wedding of one of his members with a person from another denomination.



Jamaica more than music and athletes

I am an American and I truly feel Miss Universe Jamaica was the most beautiful contestant, but she could have been more in-depth with her response to the question: 'What has Jamaica contributed to the world?'. Jamaica has contributed more than Bob Marley and Usain Bolt.



Market List

Pork chops should be easy to come by this week in meat shops and butcher stalls as well as supermarkets and delicatessen establishments across the island. The asking price for a pound of pork chops in butcher stalls will be $260.



Life slowly returns to blizzard-affected states

POSTAL SERVICE is back online in most of Maine in the aftermath of this week's blizzard.Mail was delivered in most of the state in areas where roads, streets and mailboxes are safely accessible.



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